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0 comments Published by Riari 10 months ago

You can now set your preferred timezone from the default UTC via your account settings.

The event calendar will accordingly display events on the relevant day and time for you, which should help avoid confusion in the future :)

Another new feature: notifications!

0 comments Published by Riari 11 months ago

Since it's possible to leave comments on a lot of stuff, I decided to add a notification system so you won't miss any that get added on your content.

You'll see the number of unread notifications next to your name in the top right:

The link takes you to a full list of notifications linking to wherever the activity happened:

It currently doesn't apply to forum replies, but I'll look at that in the future and probably add some preferences to control which content you want notifications on, whether or not to receive emails, etc.

New feature: character profiles!

0 comments Published by Riari 11 months ago

I've added a character profile listing here: Member Characters

The listing is publicly visible and adding characters to it is limited to registered members who have been approved. Feel free to add yours!

Tip: if you set a character as your main, it'll show up next to your forum posts. I'll expand user profiles at some point to list characters there too.

New site!

0 comments Published by Riari 11 months ago