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Full Name: Castillion Eglamore Nicknames: "Sir", "Beast"

Level: 56 Class: Warrior

Race: Human Gender: Male Age: Thirty Zodiac: Hammer Hair: Dark Blonde Skin: Tanned Eyes: Steel grey


Place of Residence: Velia 2-3 Place of Birth: Hamlet at an unknown location

Occupation: Hedge Knight Tradeskills: Blacksmith

Appearance: Weatherbeaten and rough, Castillion stands tall and firm with a bulky bodysize, an eyepatch covers one of his eyes due to an injury which caused blindness. Castillion mostly have his hair in an attempt of a gallantly combed backslick. The spark in Castillions eye, if noticed, seems to be very vague as his mind is on a thin line of madness.

History/Biography: Castillion grew up in an estate towering above the Eglamore Hamlet, his father passed away due to brigands, his mother passed away during his own birth, thus he lived with his only remaining relative at the Eglamore Hamlet, his uncle. However, while Castillion grew up and trained in both speech, manners and battle, little did he know of his uncles treacherous, evil acts of ignorance and greed.

After his uncles horrible mistakes, he took his own life as he left a note for Castillion, passing on the ownership of the remains of the Hamlet and the estate to him, giving him the last chance to restore it to its former glory.


Alignment: Neutral Good Motivations: Justice, glory and buttkicking for goodness!

Religion/Philosophy: Doubting


Wherefore, heroism?

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