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Natalia (Nat) is a short white haired girl, her life has been spent training her as an assassin, a line of work she keeps a secret from everyone she knows, she is a very nervous girl and is very easy to scare or startle, however when scared or startled her first instinct is to reach for her weapon to be careful around her, whilst she seems shy and clumsy when given a task or mission to do she almost drops all emotions of any kind and goes into a state of pure concentration on her goal.

Shes kind of a loner due to her lack of trust for people and has a hard time making friends, but she wishes people would be her friend and try to make an effort to win her over.

**I have a story for nat! (For anyone interested in knowing her motivation to be with the nails, some topic for RP with her perhaps) ** Nat ever since she was 3 she has been a slave to a group of "Masters" they forced her into solitude and training to become an assassin, due to this solitude and life of killing people she is very very lonely, all she wants in life is a woman to fill the void in her life that is her loneliness, her end goal of her life is to find a woman who can teach her to trust and open her self up to someone.

Her reason for joining the nails ? Her reason for joining the nails is to find someone she trusts, she basically wants to find someone she trusts enough to tell about the masters who she is hiding from since her escape, find someone to tell and have that person protect her, give her a reason to feel safe with the nails, and to help her from her anxiety and inner depression which she hides from the world.



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